Getting Your Novel Noticed

Last Saturday (14/11/09) I went to a very useful writing course at Writing School Leicester. I did Twitter about it to you all and I would have blogged about it too but I’ve only just begun to get my new blog set up. As you can perhaps still see its a bit raggedy round its edges. I’m not sure what all the buttons and knobs do yet – so if things appear and disappear please excuse me.

Anyway, the course was run by Judith Allnatt a creative writing tutor and author of the novel ‘A Mile of River’. Here is her description of the course…

How can you improve the chances for both publication and ongoing success for your debut novel? In this workshop you will identify your novel’s unique selling point, learn how to choose appropriate agents and publishers and how to make a pitch. Publication is only the beginning. We will explore the writer’s invaluable role in publicising the novel, including: the book launch, presenting yourself and your book through the media, book signings and events. We will look at ways to keep interest and book sales going: awards and prizes, literary festivals and workshops, using the internet and working closely with editor and publicist. A nuts and bolts workshop on getting your novel noticed.

I felt I gained lots of relevant information about the difficulties of getting published and the reality of marketing your own book from a published author and from the other participants. It made a long drive from Wiltshire very worthwhile.

You can sign up to her newsletter via her website if you’re interested in other courses she teaches.